Public Health Services

We present our innovative artificial intelligence expert system that guides, monitors, helps and offers doctors and health professionals the best and safest recommendation for their clinical decisions and the dispensing of drugs to their patients, especially designed for station networks clinics Public Systems Health in Spain


1. Improves the capabilities and security of prescription systems

It acts on all phases of the clinical decision process silently and without disturbing the doctor's work. Based on the reason for a consultation, it guides the diagnosis, builds the clinical scenarios of the patients, proposes how to treat them and how to improve their health status. Verify the decisions made by the doctor and professional, orient therapies, propose the most suitable drug dispensing, suggest tests, inform alerts, offer recommendations, prevent risks.

It offers genomic alerts, refines diagnoses and adapts treatments according to genomic patterns.

It offers hospital and prehospital triage function. Evaluate risks, set times, redirect to the indicated specialist.

It works on BigData scientific libraries built with information and clinical processes from safe sources and backed by health authorities.

Saves costs in public health systems.

It calculates costs of each phase of the clinical process and proposes cheaper and more efficient alternatives.

It offers guidelines to rationalize economically the performance of medical acts for each patient over time.

Prevention of associated and induced disorders

2. Progressive implementation on demand

Scalable modular construction. Stage deployment and integration process for the various phases of the clinical process

Minimal adaptations They work on the management systems of the clinical stations and electronic patient records. On-demand export procedures according to the requirements of the implanted systems.

3. Connect with the citizen

Health status assessor.

When to attend the Doctor.

It offers advice to take care of health and improve life habits.

Preventive and palliative guidelines.

Economizer of spending and medical acts.

Program of actions in time.

Medication schedule and control for chronic patients. 

Secure data environment

4. Innovation

It acts as an engine for the development of technological development programs and innovative public procurement.

Offers the development of new drugs according to genomic patterns