dispensation © Clinical help of pharmacological dispensing guidance system.

VR Medicines dispensation is a help tool built from a large database coded for the dosage and dosage of medications and combinations of active ingredients of the scientific and registered copyright © AEMPS nomenclature, created from the medical data sheets of AEMPS and specially designed for Spain. An ideal tool for prescribing doctors.

In addition to the web version of consultation, we offer solutions that can be integrated into prescription systems, electronic prescriptions and medical records management.
Registered with copyright ©, created from the technical data sheets of the AEMPS and specially designed for Spain. An ideal tool for prescribing doctors.

Each time a medication is prescribed to a patient, there are different assessments and risks that must be taken into account for the correct prescription. The special characteristics of the drug, the population group to which the patient belongs, the interaction with other prescribed medications, etc. they can pose serious risks to the patient's health, so it is extremely important to know and understand the risks and results that may arise from it before the prescription of a certain medication. Extensive information, aimed at the medical act and totally reliable when coming from official scientific sources, reduces risks and offers a powerful tool for the prescribing physician; That is the goal of our service.

VR Medicines dispensation offers a complete database of information on the therapeutic of the drug, with concise and summarized alerts and messages, with expression of the routes of administration and its completely complete information for its correct administration and dosage taking into account the different pharmaceutical forms and the different characteristics of the patient.

We offer a powerful scientific tool and unique in its kind, with search both among the pathologies, the symptomatology of the patient and the different pharmaceutical presentations of all existing active principles authorized today, constantly updated, adjusted to the needs of the prescribing physician, and with All additional information available for all active ingredients.