alerts © Clinical help of pharmacological alerts of interactions by active principle and route of administration.

VR Medicines alerts is a help tool built from a large database of pharmacological alerts, scientific and registered with copyright ©, created from the technical data sheets of the AEMPS and specially designed for Spain. An ideal tool for prescribing doctors

In addition to the web version of consultation, we offer solutions that can be integrated into prescription systems, electronic prescriptions and medical records management.


Each time a medication is prescribed to a patient, there is a risk of an interaction of its active ingredients with those of other medications already prescribed thereto. Most drug interactions are mild, but some of them can pose serious risks to the patient's health, so it is extremely important to know and understand the risks and results that may arise from it before the prescription of the medications that they contain.


 Drug-drug interactions can decrease the effectiveness of medications, increase side effects or toxicity, and even modify the different physical variables of the patient's health. The more medications that are prescribed, the greater the chances of interaction that may manifest.
VR Medicines alerts offers a complete database of alerts of these interactions through concise and summarized messages, with expression of the routes of administration, the text of the interaction and the required action, and classifies them indicating for each of them their level of risk, degree of severity, the action to be performed and the evidence from the different sources that create the alert.
We offer a powerful scientific tool and unique in its kind, with search between active ingredients as well as pharmacological and pharmacokinetic groups, and filtering adjusted to the needs of the prescribing physician, and with all the additional information available for all existing active principles authorized today , constantly updated.